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The U.T.B.C Paradigm

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About The UTBC Paradigm


U Tough Bootcamp is a unique combination of military drills, conditioning drills and functional training that will rev up your metabolism and get you into the best shape of your life. U Tough is for men and women of all activity levels. You don’t need to be in the best shape of your life to start this Bootcamp However, you need to be ready to get into the best shape of your life!

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is as varied as my clients. We will push, pull, jump, run, even climb at times and most importably we will have fun while doing it.  Based on your physical assessment, I will guide you to reach your specific goal.

U Tough Boot Camp

Offering a unique combination of military drills, conditioning drills, and functional training that will rev up your metabolism to get you into the best shape of your life. You can start where you are now, but you need to be ready to put in the work for results!

 Join The Movement!

Slow is fast. If you are consistent with your training; week after week your weak will become strong and your slow will become fast !.

The General

The Program

First you must realize that your physical body is only the flesh that houses your soul! Build your soul first! Then build your mind Then build your body! Here at U TOUGH we do not claim to own the secret route to health and wellness. Personally I do not promote a train of thought that boxes people into one way. Ask yourself if you've ever seen a Lion, Tiger or an Bear in a gym training... NO, You havn't! They live lives of movement. We on the other hand are mostly living remote control lives. Sitting on our butts and pressing buttons. As we start moving our bodies again our bodies will do what they do. Transform! If we give the body a reason to transform our results will come into existence seemingly from no where. No one diets to develop calluses on their hands or feet. The body intelligence decides to transform the skin into more durable skin because of friction. The same thing can and will be done with muscles if you do the work! It's as simple as pushing, pulling, jumping and running! YES, THE SAME THINGS YOU DID AS KIDS! Diamonds are created under heat and pressure. If you want a diamond of a body you must be willing to withstand the pressure of frequent TOUGH workouts. We encourage people to live lifestyles that maintain balance inside and outside of the body. Eat living foods, drink water, breathe deep, get ample sun, get enough sleep, lead from and with a loving heart. U TOUGH: U TRAIN OR U GO HOME!

Getting In Shape

It starts with one step and as you stay consistent week after week, your weak will become strong and your slow become fast.

Becoming Aware

There are no superfluous parts of the body. Just as we need a strong foundation in the homes we sleep in. More importantly we need the organs in our bodies (temples) we live in. Learn each organ, its function and get familiar with how they are all organizing together for the betterment of you the complete organism.

Eating Right

We are either eating to live or we are eating to die. A junk food diet and exercise will only serve to increase degeneration of the body.  

Feeding The Soul

Your body is your temple that houses your soul. Feed your soul with positive thoughts, actions and loving intent. Never stop learning and out of all your getting get understanding..  


Before & After

We believe the hard work speaks for itself.

  • It has only been two weeks and I have seen drastic changes in my body and diet.

    Shauna Graham

The Founder

---Hi! My name is General and I am the founder of U TOUGH BOOTCAMP (U.T.O.U.G.H – U TRAIN OR U GO HOME) which is a Paradigm shift (The UTBC Paradigm) from the sedentary lifestyle to a lifestyle of fitness and wellness encompassing more than just physical mastery, but also mental and most importantly Spiritual. U TOUGH BOOTCAMP is part of UTBC The 25th Dynasty. The 25th Dynasty is here to help people rebuild the Temple of Goddess/God. The Temple of God is the body you live in. I do not have a religion. Love is my religion. I reserve the right to love all people.

I have been actively involved in physical fitness my whole life having spent the early part of my life focused on sports, ultimately playing on both a collegiate and semi-professional level. However, it was while serving in the United States Army that I learned to combine my love for physical fitness with my natural leadership talents. It also happens to be where I came upon the phrase “Train or Go Home,” using it to motivate my peers to challenge themselves. My talents and leadership were rewarded when I achieved the rank of Sergeant and was later pulled out of IRAQ to be recruited into The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). After successfully qualifying for this unit I prayed to God and asked for direction. I was going to stay in the Army but I felt that God lead me out so without any plans I obeyed my divine direction and exited this mans Army!

After my time in the Army, I moved back home to New York City and focused my time with family and friends. Then I walked into a Gym in Brooklyn and was given a job. I was not looking to be a trainer but Armed with my passion for fitness, and all my past experiences it seemed that I was a perfect fit for the job. I gained business immediately and the rest is history; more like My-story but you know what I mean. After a successful career at several of the largest gyms in the NYC area, I launched Train or Go Home Fitness in 2007. Still not feeling that I was reaching my full potential I decided to help more people. I did this by launching U TOUGH BOOTCAMP in 2010 and lowering my rates so that I could help the people in my community. My greatest talent is my ability to connect with people, and with challenging workouts along with quality health info I empower them to push themselves and ultimately reach their personal fitness goals. I am just a witness every person I meet transforms themselves with their own body intelligence. You will only get out what you put in. Period!

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